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Sir Fabulous By FabulousQueenSatan Updated Jul 08, 2017

Yeah cuz I ship it.
I don't own these characters.


The first page isn't a page and it probably all gonna be a lie. Keep that in mind.

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heyitstegan heyitstegan Feb 24
I just went through so many emotions, i probably sounded something like that too
lizzzeyy lizzzeyy Aug 06, 2017
This is intense also it's scene. I barely started reading this and I'm already so hooked
How in the name of Hades did you come up with this??? 😂😂
Bluefood_Percabeth Bluefood_Percabeth Aug 24, 2017
You know I think this might be a superstition but sometime when a person goes through a hard breakup don't they sometime you go gay or something I'm sorry if I offended someone I'm not educated on relationships AT ALL
NicoTheZombie18 NicoTheZombie18 Nov 13, 2016
Trying to imagine how that sounds and I'm trying not to burst out laughing 😂
venus7575 venus7575 Dec 11, 2016
K..Can I say something? When in all of tartaurus did the two most devoted boys end up becoming assholes? I mean..Percy's fatal flaw is loyalty and Jason is roman! i mean surely they should have some decency! Ok..Now im fine.