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Yeah cuz I ship it.
I don't own these characters.


The first page isn't a page and it probably all gonna be a lie. Keep that in mind.

lizzzeyy lizzzeyy Aug 06
This is intense also it's scene. I barely started reading this and I'm already so hooked
You know I think this might be a superstition but sometime when a person goes through a hard breakup don't they sometime you go gay or something I'm sorry if I offended someone I'm not educated on relationships AT ALL
zbreezyawsum zbreezyawsum Aug 02, 2016
you /know/ the whole camp is gonna give him hades for a few weeks
NicoTheZombie18 NicoTheZombie18 Nov 13, 2016
Trying to imagine how that sounds and I'm trying not to burst out laughing 😂
venus7575 venus7575 Dec 11, 2016
K..Can I say something? When in all of tartaurus did the two most devoted boys end up becoming assholes? I mean..Percy's fatal flaw is loyalty and Jason is roman! i mean surely they should have some decency! Ok..Now im fine.
LesbianRockStar1999 LesbianRockStar1999 Jul 25, 2016
These comments make this paragraph like one thousand times better, keep in mind this was already hilarious and awesome