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The Lost Heir

The Lost Heir

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MedievalWriters By MedievalWriters Updated Mar 08, 2016

Gobric Gryffindor's eyes glazed over as he was looking at the new castle that was just finished building.  

The Heir of the Founders

Brave as Gryffindor

As loyal as hufflepuff

coning like Slytherin

Smart like ravenclaw

and as powerful as Merlin himself

He the man of the lighting bolt

the girl of seven with hair like the Phoenix feathers

Are destine to marry and take the lord of darkness to the depths of oblivion

at the age of sixteen and fifteen the will come of age and we will come back from dead

to guide them through the task and they will live while the Dark Lord dies

the power he knows not is love.... They will live while the Dark lord dies

His returned to normal and all the founders and their families were looking at him with amazement. "Gryffindor what do you mean we will come back from dead, what year is this and how will we know when to come." Helga asked him.

"That i don't know sorry, Helga" Gobric told her "we will be summoned and once these two meet they can't ...

Yass I love when Dudley is a wizard it just gives is a whole different feel than with muggle Dudders. 😁😆
Wayne2030 Wayne2030 Jan 27
Hello I think that I am going to be very interested to see how this writing turns out! 😊
Yay non abusive dursleys. Yay founders. Yay soulmate au. Yay hp fanfic.
lil_light lil_light Nov 26, 2016
I'm just imagining Dudley looking at them being like ummmmmm what?
Ship_is_sailing66 Ship_is_sailing66 Aug 15, 2016
Yes!! Finally I find one with Dudley as a wizard. I love it already!!( ^ω^)
Cunning** sorry misspelled words are one of my pet peeves, and the weird thing is I can't spell to save my life!