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A.J. Shay By Anamnesis Updated a month ago
The year is 2420, and aside from advancements in technology and all boy bands consisting of cyborgs, the world hasn't changed much since the 21st century, especially high school. Cheerleaders and jocks are still considered top of the food chain, geeks and freaks are still picked on, the good girl stills end up with the bad boy, and that nerdy girl who sits behind you in French is actually super hot without her glasses on.
    Everything is exactly the same.
    Except now, superpowers, superheroes and super villains are a reality.
    Once thought to be a fantasy hidden within the pages of a comic book is now every nerds' dream come true; but with this new discovery comes fear and propaganda.
    Thus, the ASH Corporation was formed to keep all those with superpowers or superhuman abilities in check and out of the newspapers. But is that all they are doing?
    In a crazy world where kids with laser vision and robot pets are considered the norm, all slightly dysfunctional Sharon Sullivan wants to do is fit into her new life, be a normal teenage girl, survive her Freshman year in a brand new school, and, hopefully, get rid of the voice in her head that's been torturing her ever since she came across an ancient textbook.
    But things are never easy for the heroine, are they?
great job, very well written! Watch you don't overuse ellipses (the ... things). You changed tenses maybe twice - other than that, awesome description. You have a real talent for conveying emotions and images. Be proud of yourself; you're a natural :)
Your book is really good how dare you call yourself an amateur writer you are AMAZING!!!!
when it said you were an amateur i wasn't expecting this. It's really good. I can't wait ot read more. (especially since I want to see why the book is talking to her or if it is talking to her ^^ anyways It's awesome.)
Are you sure ou're just an amateur? You are very good and this is very well written. Creative idea. I can't wait to read more.
Ur writing interacts with the writer, which can be good for some people and bad for the rest. I am open 4 both though ;) U should continue this. And don't worry; I have seen worse!
Lol it was funny in some parts! And I don't normally like stories that are written this casually, but this is pretty darn good!! :) The way you talk to the readers without them really noticing is awesome! :P (If you get what I meant)