my alpha mate

my alpha mate

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myone_and_only_crush By myone_and_only_crush Completed

hi my name is jasmine clade im 18 years old and im a wearwolf yeah you heard me i am a wearwolf 
i look in my mirror and saw myself i am 5.8 ft tall i have a blonde hair tht goes on my hips. a baby blue eyes and  pointy nose...

honey! my mom yelled down stairs

i hurried my way to the bathroom to take a bath when im done i walk to my drawer to find my favorite dress...when im done i quickly go downstairs to the kitchen  to find my dad sitting on their chair

morning mom dad. i kiss my mothers cheeks and my dads

morning sweety my mom and dad say at the same time 

morning little sis my brother john clade says

morning bro..

my brother has black hair like dads and builed body and black eyes like dad

hey sis ? john ask


you know the alpha of the blue moons pack is going to visit here? john

hmm no why is he visiting here ?

you know our alpha wants to talk to him about the rouges

i just nod

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unicorn_corn unicorn_corn Jun 27, 2017
wow u are a wearwolf, how did you find a way to wear wolves?
MsEvelynSummers MsEvelynSummers Jul 30, 2017
Yaz same height girl 😁. 
                              😒honestly there should be a hole book of the struggles on us girls 😂
Can you please use the quotations so we know if someone’s talking
-Death_Row- -Death_Row- Jun 07, 2016
Hello! I was wondering if I could edit your book for you? It will be a huge thing if you would let me! Thanks.