BTS Imagines

BTS Imagines

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Lya. By -byung Updated Oct 30

Just a book that will make you cringe because of the cheesiness inside it. Well, at least it makes you feel happy right? ;) 

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jiminellaa jiminellaa Jun 19
                              You can use my Korean name - Jung Ji Hyung
                              He gets jealous of me and my best guy friend but then in the end he apolgizes 
                              sorry im a bad explainer !! ^_^
When he said "Lets go and celebrate this happy moment" my dirty thoughts kicked in 😅
ParkYeon213 ParkYeon213 May 26
Please I want one too...
                              One for Jimin and one for Chanyeol
                              Use my korean name Choi Yeon Chan
okjoshua okjoshua Jun 21
i have a boyfriend his name is jisoo sorry chimchim go to kookie
sungyounha sungyounha Nov 27, 2015
                              It was my birthday but he had concerts to attend to so he can't make it but...
                              He planned on a surprise birthday,
                              So he sung a song that I love...
                              *I hope that you understand I'm suck in explaining
                              The fans started cheering *ו×
- - Jun 28, 2015
^^ I would like to request for JIMIN pls! ^^
                              Does it need my name??? Or a KOREAN name??
                              Btw If u need my name then my nickname is Minah.
                              Yep, almost sounded like a KOREAN name.