BTS Imαgines

BTS Imαgines

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soo. By yongcheese Updated Dec 19, 2017

" Let your imagination runs wild 🎈 "

⛅ Will only be updated depending on how busy I am. 

⛅ Strictly no smuts. 

⛅ Request [C L O S E D] 

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Miss_MinYoonji Miss_MinYoonji May 13, 2017
"how much iz diz?"
                              "No no excuse me"
                              "AHHH EXCUZE ME HELLO, H-HEY YOU PRETTY COME ON"
httphaechan httphaechan Oct 01, 2017
they the ones that populate the earth 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 all hail hoes
TheQuietDragon TheQuietDragon May 21, 2017
*Wakes up and all happiness just drains from my body* DAMMIT
aishafanfiction aishafanfiction Mar 26, 2017
Yes its sudden, i dont see myself actually saying yes to him or anyone i just met...
smileyykihyun smileyykihyun Jun 19, 2016
                              You can use my Korean name - Jung Ji Hyung
                              He gets jealous of me and my best guy friend but then in the end he apolgizes 
                              sorry im a bad explainer !! ^_^
heartbelongstoyoongi heartbelongstoyoongi Jul 21, 2016
When he said "Lets go and celebrate this happy moment" my dirty thoughts kicked in 😅