The Perfect Date -  romance / love story

The Perfect Date - romance / love story

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Melita Joy By melitajoy Completed

He'll need more than his wealth to impress her!! 
Billionaire Alessandro Dalmassi has everything he could possibly desire - smoldering looks, fast cars, and a recently acquired call centre to add to his expansive business empire. 
While conducting his first mystery call he encounters Breanne Tetley, a charming telephone operator who convinces him a romance package is just the thing he's looking for! 
It's no secret Alessandro has been living the life of the rich and uncommitted. Can he persuade the sweet but cautious Breanne to give into her temptations and let him give her the Perfect Date?

Thank you to all who have read it so far and for the generous feedback you have left. I have over 40,000 reads which I'm very appreciative of. It's so exciting watching the count go up. Every morning I take a peek to see if anyone new has read the story and it's a particular thrill when I get feedback or likes. 

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HolyPerson HolyPerson Jan 18
Woah wait is this stormy based in Australia ?!!?! That’s where I’m from!!!
jaycherry201 jaycherry201 Feb 02, 2016
I kinda hate the fact that she was the one that worked hard on this but all this time he was going to ask her on this date
clauvinnaliefisca clauvinnaliefisca Nov 25, 2016
Hi! I'm wondering where is this story taking place? Australia or UK?
nbodley nbodley Aug 06, 2016
Love it. It has started off as a book I won't be putting down soon.
saylor_love17 saylor_love17 Aug 13, 2016
what if she was in a relationship or was married, what would you do then, huh?
Mafia_Kitten Mafia_Kitten Jun 27, 2016
i have to admire brea tho. she picked on his name and then put him in his place