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Tortured Uchiha

Tortured Uchiha

81.1K Reads 4.2K Votes 45 Part Story
Madi By Its_Beaumont Completed

The first branch of the Uchiha never approved of those from the second branch. And as Etsuko Uchiha discovers, the second branch are never tolerated regardless of their abilities.
So when she becomes best friends with Shisui and Itachi, to create the Golden Trio, the main branch of the clan has objections.
Will the trio's friendship be enough to sway the coup d'état or was it destined to fail from the beginning? Does Etsuko have the strength to stop their personal tortures before Fate claims them all?

That's legit how I feel 👌🏻
                              Imagine itachi and Shisui in that Charlie's Angels pose 😂😂😂😂
The_anime_freak23 The_anime_freak23 Dec 26, 2016
That's what loving people do. Fricking ANNIHILATE you. 
                              Notice the obvious sarcasm
You read itachi's story- book 1 and 2 didn't you? Haha I bought them and I've read them at least 10 times each
I don't really like this version of itachi 😓 usually he's nice when he's around people he can trust
omya218 omya218 Jan 06
Didn't know there was an uchiha language. Sasuke where you atttt
That's so brutal. Like that's really like terrorism if you ask me