Slytherin Princess

Slytherin Princess

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Aina By fictionwithfiction Updated May 19, 2015

Everyone thought that the famous Gryffindor princess, Hermione Jean Granger, is a know-it-all who loves fighting for the 'greater good'. 

Little did anyone know that she's Salazar Slytherin's only descendant.
On the day of her 18th birthday, she shall transform into something dangerous, something unexpected, something no one could save, something only a certain blond could help.

"You're not a Granger after all," Malfoy whispered. I lost all my senses when he leaned forward.

Warning: This fanfic contains a lot of witty remarks, sexual jokes and a whole bucket of swearing.

The characters and settings all belong to the awe-inspiring J.K. Rowling and her superb imagination.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING (but I wish I do in my dreams though. Heh. xx)

Someone please make a copy of the manual and post it on Wattpad
Gaming4everafter Gaming4everafter Mar 22, 2016
Lol. Life manual book I am so getting it if not I am soooo making one *pokey toungey face *
SuperRockerChick SuperRockerChick Oct 23, 2016
FIRST MISTAKE! HASNT MOODY TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING?! CONSTANT VIGILANCE!! Always check the shadows especially if they are in corners.
Gaming4everafter Gaming4everafter Mar 22, 2016
I would smack them right in the face and keep my hand there xD
Blonde_grunger Blonde_grunger Jun 20, 2015
I'm so confused wasn't draco there? like he was "coming over"
Fran_Joon Fran_Joon Jun 17, 2015
every time he says mudblood I get pissed off to me it's like the wizarding worlds version of the n words