The last...

The last...

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She-wolf By Spark_wolf Completed

My name is Nix, I'm a werehorse or in other words a horse-shifter, I am the last of the horse-shifters. I have deep black hair, it's practically blue it's so black.

I haven't shifted back to human form since 3 years ago. I'm 16 now as quiet smart. One of the many quirks of being a shifter is that your smart. 

I don't remember much of my past, only that my family was killed by wretched mutts (werewolves) And they're out for me. They think I'm a beautiful mare and I'm known as the 'black beauty' in some terms. I do need to have kids so I can save the horse-shifter race.

People want to capture me and break me in, but I laugh every time I hear that because,

I Don't Break.

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