Cullen Wife Swap||Completed||

Cullen Wife Swap||Completed||

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Ness Martin ❣ By NessMartin Completed

After the Volturi left, Renesmee was left to be raised freely and with love. 

Now looking like a 13 year old girl, she decided to give her grandmother Esme a gift. 

The gift of been listened too. Esme was watching her favourite show Wife Swap and commenting on how she wanted to go on it, unaware that her granddaughter was listening and paying attention to her every word. 

Esme swaps lives with the bossy, selfish and controlling Terry, a woman that would rather spend her money on shoes then for her own children needs and favourite hobby is restricting her husband and kids. The complete opposite to the kind hearted Esme. 

What will happen when they swap lives for two weeks and eventually meet face to face.

Welcome to Cullen Wife Swap 
On channel Wattpad.                                                             -I'm currently editing this book and fixing all the mistakes if you see any please tell me :)  -

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ShelbyHolley867 ShelbyHolley867 Jul 18, 2016
wait what if she gets in the sunlight of any of them do their house is very open and they will be filming
Magdala13 Magdala13 Jul 12, 2016
Gosh. If my dad knew what I was thinking these years, I'd just be mortified
horror_chicky horror_chicky Jul 03, 2015
Ooooh this is great!  I have read others cullen wife swap but they all start the same and sound the same yours in millions times better
missmillicentify missmillicentify Apr 29, 2015
I love this story! it's something fresh and the plot is original! great idea!
LisetteWKJ LisetteWKJ Jan 14, 2015
I like it it's really good so far, I've actually never read a wife swap in third person your doing it really well tho
Spencer_Derek Spencer_Derek Jan 02, 2015
Good book just like my first Cullen Wife Swap. Just read it and you will understand. George_Weasly