Me 4 U Infidelity Too (Sequel)

Me 4 U Infidelity Too (Sequel)

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Nai Baaaaby . By Naixoblazee Updated May 03

Sequel to Infidelity. . . . 

Rochelle .

"Get y'all fuck asses up from this got damn table." Chris shouted excitedly counting all the books we just made. 

We were all at his house inside his game room, drinking, eating, listening to music, and playing spades, and we just whooped Keeis and Janene ass in it. 

"Man hell nah. Y'all muhfuckas cheated, underbidding and shit." Keeis said mad getting up from the table. 

What a sore ass loser, I swear. 

"Keeis let me give you word of advice." I said to him.

"What is it?"

"You win some, you lose some, but you live, you live to fight another day." I joked trying to sound like Craig's dad from Friday while Chris bust out laughing. 

"Chelle don't get fucked up." Keeis said not amused by what I said. 

"By who?" I raised an eyebrow. 

"Janene." He said so proudly. 

"Boy ain't nobody scared of Janene but you." I stated. "With yo' scary ass." I mumbled after. 

"I heard that." 

"Keeis get ya panties out ya ass." Chris laughed. 

"Take this L...

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"How many times I gotta tell that ass to come over" I had too 😂😂
I took a shot of that a my dads house for my birthday & took it like it was water
SilverDaley SilverDaley Nov 02, 2016
I was just watching my old videos from that tour smh yo it was really lit, it was my first concert and it was CB
_shaanaviaaa _shaanaviaaa Nov 28, 2016
*Calls Janene and poses like the man holding the phone to his ear*
SilverDaley SilverDaley Nov 02, 2016
smh .....get to stepping. Mijo is Tommy and keeis is Cole 🤔
Naixoblazee Naixoblazee Feb 17
@reemaman03 It wasn't meant to offend anybody it was a joke. I wouldn't do nothing like that