The Bad Boy's Revenge

The Bad Boy's Revenge

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[COMPLETED] Growing up, Lori has moved to more schools and houses than she can count. That's no surprise when she spent her life moving country to country so her father can develop his now million dollar international company. When her mother got diagnosed with cancer, they decided to settle down back home and make sure she got the proper treatment. When she thought life couldn't get any worse, Lori's father had enrolled her in only the most snotty filled rich kid's prep school. Welcome to the Westwood Collegiate Institute. How bad can it be, it was just high school, right?


Bad news Lori, new school, new rules, new bullies. In come the charmer, the genius, and the bad boy. Every girl wants to be with them and every boy wants to be them. What better things do handsome, rich, egoistic boys have to do other than drive people insane? When Lori gets on the wrong side of the kings of the school, they label her as their new target. High School just became a war zone.

** similar to Boys Over Flower

Already wrote half of it from a different POV, if you're interested in me finishing and publishing them either comment or send me a message!

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pattachan pattachan Mar 07
bcoz ive already bof manga and watched bof jdrama,kdrama,tdrama and also stills from anime
                              so gettin bored with same cliches thats y._.
WrenByrnwolf WrenByrnwolf Aug 20, 2017
Don't worry. I'm probably the only girl in my class that hates heels and Adidas clothes.
AmberKennedy815 AmberKennedy815 Aug 10, 2017
Omg! I got the pranks and stuff but forcing someone to movie country's or attempt suicide is TOO FAR!!
pattachan pattachan Mar 07
Its a irl type of bofXD.....luvin it...just i hope the whole story isnt exactly same ya know
amberli_4 amberli_4 Sep 07, 2015
this feels like a crossover with boys over flowers and the heirs