My Slaved romance (FERARD)

My Slaved romance (FERARD)

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Sofi (⌒.−)=★ By KittenSxfi Updated Apr 24

"Do you like that?"

"Yes Master."

Warning: This Book may contain some dirty parts.
(This is a BDSM FERARD book :X)

Does anyone not notice them walking down the street with him with a collar and a leash like...
Hes so chill about it I would have been like MAMMA JINXX HELP ME
Why did this remind me of the young blood chronciles when Joe is smoking a cigar ate at a gas station and then the girl kidnaps him and puts gas on a cloth and drugs him😂
As long as you got your phone,headphones,charger,and like 5 bucks for the deli your fine
*Killjoy's walk in* *grabs paddles* MAMMA JINXX YOU READY? 
                              mamma jinxx: HE HURT FRANKIE OF COURSE IM READY!!!
                              *beats dad to to death with paddles*
I thought that said "i pancaked" i almost....(ready for the eorst pun in the world) flipped