The Girls Of Fairy Tail Gets Turned Into Children

The Girls Of Fairy Tail Gets Turned Into Children

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Tokaku  Azuma By animefever98 Updated Jul 29

The girls go on a mission that their master sent them on and they get hit with some strange magic. fairy tail is going to have their hands completely full for a while.

Natsu- Someone tell me why my friends are 5 year olds
Gray- forget that were going to need help with these kids
Master- gray your clothes
Cana- can someone tell me when did Lucy have a bunch of  dragon slayers magic

Mira- Resa
Erza- @ronkeyashaguy

Etherious08 Etherious08 Jun 17
That pic IS SOOO KAWAII *swoons* *faints from cuteness overdose*
That is.....
                              Very accurate. Well done Author-san. *claps*
Thats the smartest choice i ever heard But good choice Master Even tho ur Petite
                              Hehe .....!!!
                              *Someone hits my head* 
                              Mom : U better say that 
                              Me: Mom whats the deal!?
                              Mom: Huh? 
                              Me: I mean What did i do?
                              Mom: Oh yah WASH THE DISHES!!!
Mavis: *hiding above the guild* wow there sneezing is perfectly in sync.
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So true Gramps 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              I'm dying haha Hahaha Hahaha
Yeah Erza pack LIGHT
                              Me*shakes* F-forget i-it!