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The Girls Of Fairy Tail Gets Turned Into Children

The Girls Of Fairy Tail Gets Turned Into Children

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Naruto Uzumaki By animefever98 Updated May 01

The girls go on a mission that their master sent them on and they get hit with some strange magic. fairy tail is going to have their hands completely full for a while.

Natsu- Someone tell me why my friends are 5 year olds
Gray- forget that were going to need help with these kids
Master- gray your clothes
Cana- can someone tell me when did Lucy have a bunch of  dragon slayers magic

Mira- Resa
Erza- @ronkeyashaguy

YingJiang5 YingJiang5 4 days ago
Erza would destroy the entire forest if the mission wasn't appointed by Gramps. Heck she can do twice as much damage as Gray and Natsu.
True but not with the flame brain and the ice princess along the scariest women n here with them
Erza's definition of "packing light": Finds a bunch of light weight stuff and packs it. Still bringing a lot of stuff.
SenpaiBubbles SenpaiBubbles Nov 05, 2016
That is.....
                              Very accurate. Well done Author-san. *claps*
catwoman1247 catwoman1247 Dec 06, 2016
The sad thing is it's very true but wouldn't Erza cut down most of the forest too? 😂😂🤔🤔
CelestialQueen_ CelestialQueen_ Nov 27, 2016
So true Gramps 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              I'm dying haha Hahaha Hahaha