Best Friends ~NaLu~

Best Friends ~NaLu~

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Lacey Rosa By AllOfTheLittlePeople Completed

Natsu and Lucy have been best friends for ever. They're never seen apart and no matter what they say to each other, they don't blush. Their used to each other. Until, they get into a silly fight and they storm off away from each other. One ends up becoming taken so the other becomes clueless. But they are still in a fight until the one comes to the other saying their updated relationship status. 

Let's just say, it turns out good.

Short story

"And the best comeback of the year goes to Lucy Heartfilia! Congrats! 
                              And the comeback was "I am not a little kid, you doody head!" Crazy right?"
neko_binnie neko_binnie Apr 20
*fangirls do their victory dance in lisanna's face*
                              GET REKT LISANNA
- - Jun 21
neko_binnie neko_binnie Apr 20
*faints on my keyboard* h,dfjnzfikvbffshKL
                              mom: *comes In my room* sweetie here your laundrey- ugh again HONEY GET THE COLD WATER RUNNING
Why dafuq you lying. Why you always lying? Mmh omg stop fuming lying
Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Mar 07
She probably pulled it out of her boobs but I don't want to know where the fork was