Your Just My Sex Toy (yaoi)

Your Just My Sex Toy (yaoi)

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author-chan By Kari_Miyamoto Updated Jun 12, 2016

Chapter 1, I'm not the only new kid

Kasuto Pov

" Please every one calm down, we have a new student today "

The teacher emotionlessly  nodded opening the door for me to enter, I took a breath, then stepped through the door. There was a number murmuring from the students and I could barely hear what was being said.

" that's the new kid?... I expected someone less... plain "

" yeah "

" look at his glasses, what a nerd! "

" He so short too! "

" his blonde hair is nice though... "

" Gray eyes, how odd "

" He very plain "

" He's such a nerd "

" I think he's cute... "

" Your crazy "

I sighed closing my eyes, the mean stuff hurt but it couldn't kill me so I wouldn't take it to much, to heart. " thanks for your kind words about someone you don't even know " I said taking a seat at the back of the class room. I wouldnt be nice if they weren't nice to me, and I don't need friends, their just there to hurt you, I've had enough of that stuff.

I could tell I'd shocked them when I tal...

Red_elelphant Red_elelphant Nov 21, 2016
You do know that the picture for the book is Canada. From Hetalia. Lol
AshCourt1 AshCourt1 Nov 27, 2016
Is it weird that the part of this I payed attention to was the fact that it said Seto.(I'm such a Seto Kaiba fangirl...)
MichIsWeird MichIsWeird Jan 26
I'm seeing people with flawless skin, beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes. Then I look at myself... big difference...
Vamp1600 Vamp1600 Sep 25, 2016
Single right piercing means: straight as a rainbow *nothing against*
                              Single left piercing means: straight as a ruler
Dragons_Of_Music Dragons_Of_Music Dec 20, 2016
Roses are red,
                              And Cacti are prickly,
                              Holy goddamn butter Batman that escalated quickly.
BICTH if you have a problem with my glasses then talk to me because i look sexy in them