✔ Akatsuki KiDS!

✔ Akatsuki KiDS!

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Knock. Knock.

They all looked at the Jashinist who only grunted in reply. "Yeah, yeah. I'm on it." He lazily got up and opened the door.

"Hey F*cker! What the hell you want?!"

But he saw no one. Hidan looked to the left and right, finding again, no one. He then looked down and saw a small square package wrapped in brown paper. He picked it up.

To: The Akatsuki


From: Anonymous

The silver-haired male rose an eyebrow. "Enjoy? What the F*ck does that suppose to mean?!" He then brought it in and closed the door.


"So, did he took the bait?"

"Positive. Prepare for step two."

"Roger that."


"Hey Hidan, who was that?" Kisame asked as he switched the channel. All the other members looked at him, who only carelessly threw the package on the coffee table.

"Somebody left this on out doorstep." He said and sat down.

They all stopped what they were doing and gaze at the package suspiciously.

"What's inside, un?"

"How the F*ck should I know?! The package isn't even...

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Any one else get markitplier images?
                              "It will hurt my feelings if you don't take my food and put it inside you." ~mark
I was thinking negative when I read it so I read it as Tangerines d ##
I lost track of how many times Tobi got caught in his explosions
He's not a dere tsun-tsundere.he has jello heart he's not that mean!! (Song reference) XD
DaCuteNerd DaCuteNerd Feb 10
Does anyone else ship Kakashi and Tobi...?
                              No just me?
                              Okay. I'll leave 😭😭😭
If sasori is small again does that mean he just climbed out of his PUPPET suit? 🤔