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L.I.E //L.s AU

L.I.E //L.s AU

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Satan By hairylewis Updated May 16, 2016

With Louis' mom dead and his dad too busy at work, he has nothing better to do, but be with friends that honestly aren't the best influences. With only two friends to be with he turns to vandalizing houses with his mates Zayn and Niall. All is good and well until they break into the house of Harry Styles - a man that just moved into their suburb- and get caught.
Not much is known about Harry Styles, but they do know that he's young and willing to let them all slide if Louis will come every day to help him unpack and clean up his home.  At which everyone agrees to except for Louis, because, ew, who wants to be with an old guy all day. (Harry's 26). 

Or the one where Louis is 15- although he's so ready to be 16- along with his friends and has to spend his days with a convicted sex offender all because he was stupid and broke into his house. And, maybe love is formed, but not on the side you expect it to.

WARNING:  There will be mature content, violence at times, Sexual encounters, sexual situations, mature language, mentions of suicide, and UNDER AGED SEXUAL ACTIONS! . READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. I WILL NOT BE WARNING YOU THROUGHOUT OUT THE BOOK.

[ Set in America, Long Island, New York to be more specific]

Spanish Translation: @sofwhat

heartsforlouis heartsforlouis Aug 30, 2016
NicotineMikey_ NicotineMikey_ Jul 21, 2015
Omg third eye blind is like, indescribably amazing. I would Understand is such a fitting song for the prologue and well, the whole story. I mean, the aura of the song I think matches perfectly with the story
larryhub larryhub Jun 02, 2015
The thoughts are so confusing omg! *when you fall in love with a person but he doesn't love you back your thoughts tends to be like that*
LouAndI_Larry LouAndI_Larry Apr 16, 2015
But like I REALLY love your stories. You're terrific at writing and it makes me self conscious about my own writing :)
hairylewis hairylewis Mar 10, 2015
@smallshipping , the original idea came from that. But only the beginning really. The rest of it was all me since the original story was about an elderly man having prostitutes sort of. But Finally someone has seen this besides me.
smallshipping smallshipping Mar 06, 2015
This reminds me of a movie on Netflix called L. I. E. (Long Island ...) idk what the e stands for. I watched it a while ago.