Durarara Male Characters X  Reader  Lemon 🍋 and Fluff💞

Durarara Male Characters X Reader Lemon 🍋 and Fluff💞

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Toshirolover By Toshirolover Updated Feb 05, 2017

Yaoi and yuri is not allowed however genderbend is allowed.

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TomCatHappy TomCatHappy Jul 16, 2016
Wow Iza-Kun......I WANT TGAT GIFT EARLY PLZ!!! Lolz jk....*cough not kidding cough*.....id watch that hentai tbh
yokaighoul yokaighoul Jul 28, 2016
Toshiro so what is the plot about shizuo x busty neko reader
Zgirlboy101 Zgirlboy101 Dec 23, 2015
I laugh my ass off wjen izaya slept un the closet is like what is he a rat lol
shadence7214 shadence7214 Dec 13, 2015
Could you do a bunny!psyche x reader if you have the time that is :3
Toshirolover Toshirolover Jun 09, 2015
@FurryFursuitLover okay then which character or is it reader-chan?
- - Jan 16, 2015
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