Turned 2: The Bramblewood Werebear

Turned 2: The Bramblewood Werebear

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kessie.carroll By kessiecarroll Updated Jan 30, 2015

Jennie Walden has spent her youth climbing trees and rambling about the countryside, rather than practicing her etiquette, as a young lady should. But she is grown now, and must reluctantly abandon her wild ways if she is to catch a husband.

When she travels far from home to meet a man she knows only through correspondence, she meets Oliver Gunnersen, the lonely, kind-hearted lord of a manor called Bramblewood. Their long-distance friendship blossoms into love at once. Then he admits to her that he has the power to transform into an enormous grizzly bear.

Now Jennie has a choice--to flee her lover, or stick with him and conquer her fear of the beast. And she must make the choice soon, because marauding werewolves from Grayton City threaten Oliver and his livelihood--and if she is bitten, Oliver may inadvertently kill her.

  • regency
  • romance
  • shifter
  • sweet
  • victorian
  • werebear