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Yona of the Dawn/ Akatsuki no Yona: A Dragon Appears

Yona of the Dawn/ Akatsuki no Yona: A Dragon Appears

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ItsKeri By KeriMartinez Updated Jun 09

Yona's life as been anything but easy, so far, since the death of her father that was killed by the hands of the love of her life, Soo-Won. But the real challenge is seeking the four dragons that can help her out, but for some odd reason...there appears to be another one! Not only is it another dragon, but it's a girl as well. Her name is Urania Hoshi and was first assigned to kill Hak, as part of her being Soo'Won's "weapon". But in the end, she goes along with their quest with her red hair similar to Yona's. But what's up with this new character? Why is it that she has the ability of a dragon? Why did she suddenly change sides? And most importantly, why is her hair red?

A1ex__ A1ex__ Jan 23
In the end, he's sexist, and I'm pissed off. Hak is about to swallow his words 😡😡😡💢💢💢💢
jhariane02 jhariane02 Aug 13, 2016
I liked the ORIGINAL story way better. If your going to change it,,  better change the characters as well.. 😡😡
WindGoddess_ WindGoddess_ Apr 14, 2016
"I looked up to see that dark hair,"* wait for it...."PRINCESS!!"
FaiRune FaiRune Jun 17, 2016
I always wear jacket everywhere even in the house or hot weather and you say showing skin!?💢💢💢💢
Akatsuki_and_Cookie Akatsuki_and_Cookie Oct 12, 2015
Thank goodness. I've been trying to look for a fanfic in yo as point of you. But almost none of them are like that.
troublednewkid troublednewkid Sep 05, 2015
I dont mean to diss or anything but isnt Yona the successor of King Hiryuu who is the red dragon who wanted to become human? Im sorry I'm just confused ish