The Daughter Of The Moon (REWRITE PROCESS)

The Daughter Of The Moon (REWRITE PROCESS)

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Rachel By myrtlebeach45 Updated Jun 25, 2016

He growled a low sound in my ear as he ran the tip of his nose down my neck.
     "What'd you say?" he spoke.
     "...No..." I breathed.
 There was a pause-a moment in time if you will-where he seemed to stop breathing and I seemed to be loosing my sh*t. I took this moment as my chance to escape and began to slide towards the door when suddenly two iron bar arms slammed on either side of me to prevent my escape. 
      "Wrong answer kitty."

         Jade Rowan is 'kinda pissed' to say the least. Her family has moved from the warmth of Florida to the dark dreariness of Washington, she is now apart of a bigger pack-one which she doesn't want to join-and, she can't seem to find her mate no matter how hard she looks. 

         Oh, did I also mention the fact that she found out it just so happens that the next-in-line Alpha will be going to the same schools as her? 


        Throw in a scary rumor about the mark of the moon, and it's pretty obvious this is going to be one hell of a year.

 Will Jade make it out of her junior year alive or will something or someone make things much, much too complicated to survive?

MiyuClive MiyuClive Jun 17
I'm german but lived in brasil for nearly one year now and have to go back to Germany in like two weeks...and I'll probably freeze to death so...does it feel like this maybe? Is that comparable?🤔😂
Twilight would have been so much better if Bella had described the move like this
Raffe02 Raffe02 Apr 12
Nope no clue. I live in the land down under. Otherwise known as Australia.
I'm going through this right now like omg I'm freaking out even more!
When you still feeling the "Lauren Jauregui Effect" that everytime someone mentions green eyes, you think of Daddy Lauren......kill me
reidsmans reidsmans Jun 18, 2016