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The Wolf Gang

The Wolf Gang

2.5K Reads 87 Votes 15 Part Story
scarsandwolves By scarsandwolves Completed

Katarinea Falls is a she-wolf who was kicked out if her pack for beating the Alpha's son
Jayson Anderson is the leader of the most powerful wolf gang in the world and his mate is Lunna
Dylan Rivers  is the leader of Bloody Moon pack and his mate is Katarinea

Katarinea just wants to run away from her problems and others.

Dylan wants to chase after Katarinea and make sure she is ok.

Jayson just wants to run with her love her give her everything she wishes and treat her like a princess.

Katarinea runs from both of them and make a hunt for her and who ever wins she will go with forever

please just give the book a chance you never know you might actually like it. thanks

  • fighting
  • hunting
  • kids
  • love
  • running
  • wolves