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Meet Percabeth

Meet Percabeth

111K Reads 2.6K Votes 22 Part Story
Mia By PJoandHoOfan7362 Completed

HEY GUYS this is just about people meeting Percabeth ( there are characters from other books)

Mommaearth Mommaearth Jan 19
We are here at court to prosicute these boys for trying to flirt with taken girls like bitch they are taken
Oh good thank the gods just forget my last comment like literally my heart was just so relieved when I read that
I'm going to kms now. If anyone saw my comment when he was introducing them gen you will know why. Why my life is sad.
CALEO, PERCABETH, JASPER, SOLANGELO (that last one was to show that thalico will never happen)
Concella Concella Feb 05
Y'all are terrible boyfriends you didn't even look for your girlfriends (or Thalia in Nico's case)
THANK THE GODS SOLANGELO IS STILL ACTIVE!!! It's not suppost to sound that way get your mind out of the gutter