You Mean... Love? [#Wattys2016] *Sonadow and Knuxilver*

You Mean... Love? [#Wattys2016] *Sonadow and Knuxilver*

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So I was dared to make Shadow seem defenseless and submissive. Why? Well, if anybody knows me, then they should know that I never back away from a dare... I blame Knuckles. He told me to! I don't know what's up his sleeve, but I don't like it...


I've recently discovered that I have feelings for my rival, Sonic. At first, I didn't know what they meant, but Silver told me that it means that I... like him... more than a friend... Anyways, now I avoid the blue hedgehog... but... he won't stop following me... I hope he doesn't find out, but he's been getting really close to me... to close for comfort...

MissGrimdark MissGrimdark Jan 27, 2016
You're in a hospital bed and he pulled the cords. Case closed.
maldonadolilliana3 maldonadolilliana3 Mar 16, 2016
I have to admit knucks and silvy look cute. That part was stupid when shadow just got up and ran off but I was thinking where
StarwarsblueHedgehog StarwarsblueHedgehog Jul 28, 2016
Um I'm guessing shadow is the use in this story right ? ( I hope so)
hey_its_fangirl hey_its_fangirl Nov 26, 2015
Oooohh!!! Shadow!!!! U've got some explaining to do!!!!! >=3
hey_its_fangirl hey_its_fangirl Nov 26, 2015
Yeah! "heart attack!" We'll call it that!.............
                              *it's TOTALLY love!!!!!* X3
ana7399 ana7399 Aug 11, 2015
I don't know if I ship them. BTW  this is lainagirl1216 I am using my moms phone