Separated By The Wind [Vkook]

Separated By The Wind [Vkook]

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Taehyung have been dreaming about Jungkook separating away from him a lot. He doesn't know the reason why these dreams keep on hunting him in his sleep. 
Until one certain day, two transferees came and one claimed that he's Taehyung's brother, and the other one is Jungkook's. Part to that, they also claimed that they weren't humans. Which made Jungkook and Taehyung really confused. 

There came a time when Jungkook had to separate from Taehyung, and that frightened him that this must be their fate, the fate his dreams are telling him.

Will their separation continue, or is there a certain chance that all of this are inside another dream? 

(Short Story)

  • bangtan
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • thriller
  • vkook
  • wild