To Stay

To Stay

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gelalisaaa_ gelalisaaa_ a day ago
Love you like a brother, Treat you like a friend~ Respect you like a lover oh oh oh oh oh~~🎶💕
                              HI BLINKS!
wayembee wayembee 2 days ago
Yung tipong kakatapos ko lang sa UT, dito na agad ako? Lupet 😂 reread ako 😍 pero limot ko na ang chapters 😂
writetrish writetrish May 16
Rereading for idontknowhowmanytimes na gyud. Peste lang. 😂
wayembee wayembee 2 days ago
Masasabi ko bang I Miss You, Klare kahit na ilang minuto palang nong natapos kong ireread ang UF? 😂😂
JelliTumambing JelliTumambing 2 days ago
After rereading Until Trilogy for the nth time, dito naman. Haha Kakamiss ang Klarijah and Montefalcos eh.