Jade Louise Gilbert // Elijah Mikaelson -COMPLETED

Jade Louise Gilbert // Elijah Mikaelson -COMPLETED

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" Elijah we..we can't be together, it will never work.. I'm .... Im to broken.. Elijah please just forget about me, it will be the best for you.. Elijah I need you to forget about me.. Please just forget about me and leave." I shout

"Jade I'm not leaving you or not forgetting about you, Jade you are the best thing that's ever come into my life and I'm glad, we fell in love with each other.. There is no way I'm leaving you. Jade I love you don't you get I love you, I need you in my life, please Jade I can save you.. Let me save you please"

I should of listen to Elena when she said stay away from him but I couldn't..

Hi I'm Jade, Elena's twin sister ( she's older then my by 7 minutes) 
This is my story

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LeahForShort LeahForShort Apr 15, 2017
Can I ask why you made Jenna a bitch? Not to be mean or criticizing your story
_BrittanyJo2002_ _BrittanyJo2002_ Oct 12, 2016
okay ik this is your story and you can do what you want with it but this kinda irritates me cuz on the show elena was basically the reason her parents died and jenna didnt hate elena on the show so this kinds doesnt make sense to me.