The legande of Dracula's daughter (Vampire knight x reader)

The legande of Dracula's daughter (Vampire knight x reader)

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Pika Batgirl By veronicatruter Updated Nov 02, 2015


You arrive at true cross academy as your long black hair and blood read eyes look around the 


(Y/N) POV 

Today is my first day at True cross. I can't believe my father sent me here. I am the Daughter

of count Dracula, my name is (Y/N) Dragul and I am a pure blood but not no ordinary one.

I am the princess of Transylvania along side my parents, they sent me here so I can meet other vampires my age and to keep me safe from the enemy country who are after my father's throne. I'm only 17 years old and I have many abilities that some pure blood's do not have.

I walk through the gate , wondering around for the head building until I hear shouting "ALL DAY CLASS STUDENTS PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR DORMS IMMEDIATELY. " I follow the shouting to see a group of girls crowding to the gate with a moon crest.  As the gate opens I see vampire students who would take any humans breath away, in white uniform walking past the girls. My red eyes connect with red-brown eyes for ...

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For I compose the music of the night.... Oh sorry I let my mind go into full phantom mode for a minute there
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Yo i was just thinking that my middle name should be rose OMG we thought the Sam thing
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Think of my 
                              PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 
                              It's my favorite opera of all times and ive seen quite a few operas
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I'm shocked no pone has noticed you put "True Cross". " True Cross" is Blue Exorcist and "Cross" is Vampire Knight
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I love this song and this movie! Awesome book, love reading it. Keep going! ^~^