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Killer Romance [Book 1] [Jeff the Killer x Reader] [JTK]

Killer Romance [Book 1] [Jeff the Killer x Reader] [JTK]

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-≫ S  。N  。O  。W ≪- By xXDarkQueenXxRei Completed

Ten days?

You have ten days left to live, but in those ten days, you have to act like you're dating him. What type of situation is that? A messed up one. Petty secrets... Incumbent lies... Weird, right? You don't even know this guy and, quite frankly, you're scared to death. It almost seems like fate is tempting you, slowly luring you into a black hole of what your life will soon be. But what will happen if Jeff seems to slowly attach himself to you? Will his protective actions be enough to keep away those dirty secrets and lies that are locked away in the barricades of his mind? Some lies may just be a cover, and some truths may lead to others, but there is an even bigger picture that you may not be alive to paint. Your life is about to turn into a nightmare.

How many days will you last?

(Please note that males and other gender identities can still read this series even though female pronouns are used. The reader is classified as a girl for a certain reason, and it's the only thing keeping me from making the story gender-fluid. If you would like to know why that is, read the rest of the series.)


*1st Place in Jeff the Killer 2015 Summer Creepypasta Awards (@Creepypasta_Awards)*
*1st Place in Creepy/Evil/Supernatural 2015 Summer xReader FanFiction Awards (@FanFiction_Awards)* 
*#210 in Fanfiction*


"This whole story was executed perfectly, start to finish." ~ @EternalLaughter
"One of the best romance (and creepypasta) books I have read on Wattpad!" ~ @LovetoReadMystery
"Writing style is unique and I love how it's not cliche." ~ @HeiBllack


First book in the Killer Romance Series.
This is a creepypasta fanfic written from second person point of view, so all you fangirls out there, enjoy. 
(Jeff the Killer x Reader)
I don't own Jeff the Killer and I don't own you.
Most of the characters presented in this book do not belong to me.
Picture used in the cover isn't mine. Credit to whoever created it.

                              aLL MY FRENZ ARE HEATHENZ TAKE IT SLOOOOOWWWWW
                              IT'S TO MUCH FOR MY TINY BRAIN
                              I JUST CAME HERE FOR JEFF
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lol everyone here is saying they lost a huge part of their lives and i feel left out because the only way I've interacted with Creepypasta in the past few years is through EternalLaughter and memes
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