A kiss once remembered

A kiss once remembered

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vivitaly14 By vivitaly14 Updated Oct 18, 2016

A stydia fanfiction

"Lyds it's so great to see you, you have no idea how much I've missed you, I was so terrified of losing you" I said holding back tears.

"I uh- I'm sorry who are you"? Lydia asked.

"What do you mean"?

It's incredibly romantic when two people meet somewhere least expected...at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected way. 
How easily you can fall in love with someone simply by looking into their eyes. 
The beautiful memories you create when your with that special person.  
But you forget that life isn't a fairytale, 
that not everything can go the way you want it to.

So what happens when you can no longer remember them? What happens when you forget everything including the person you love?

This story is about how something
memorable and meaningful could
bring back a long lost memory
this is my first story 
so I hope you guys like it.

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VoidStydia__ VoidStydia__ Mar 12, 2015
Thanks for liking my Stydia story btw I'm going to start reading your story
vivitaly14 vivitaly14 Jan 29, 2015
@stilesstilinski18 yeah I wanted to add him in one of the chapters, I thought it'd be a good idea!