Twisted Dreams ✦ Harry Potter

Twisted Dreams ✦ Harry Potter

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peeeeeves By TributeofAzkaban Updated Feb 18

When Lena transfers to Hogwarts for her fourth year, she catches the eye of no other than the Golden Trio. All seems well, the atmosphere of the school thick with excitement for the upcoming Triwizard Tournament. 

But, when a chain of events suddenly throws life dangerously out of hand, and secrets of the past begin to surface once more, Lena must somehow reconnect the pieces of her rapidly unravelling world, or the consequences could rise to a whole other level  . . .


no offense but shes seriously in the b i t c h phase of childhood
The door. The door. The door.
                              If you are unable to use this household equipment, please use the top storey window to jump out of.
That moment when your reading this and it's actually 1:26am and feel like it's a sign that you're a wizard
i do hate 11 year olds (children in general, oh wait i am a child hahaha)
how do book people name pets so fast. it took me like 10 years to decide a name for my dog and it's still basic af
XGeneralStylesX XGeneralStylesX 6 days ago
How I would love to have a big bloody family like that. It’s just my mom and myself, bravest single mum I’ve known