Twisted Dreams ✦ Harry Potter

Twisted Dreams ✦ Harry Potter

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white teeth teen By TributeofAzkaban Updated Mar 06, 2016

When Lena transfers to Hogwarts for her fourth year, she catches the eye of no other than the Golden Trio. All seems well, the atmosphere of the school thick with excitement for the upcoming Triwizard Tournament. 

But, when a chain of events suddenly throws life dangerously out of hand, and secrets of the past begin to surface once more, Lena must somehow reconnect the pieces of her rapidly unravelling world, or the consequences could rise to a whole other level  . . .


mylifeline29 mylifeline29 Dec 05, 2016
I was willing to give her a chance, I let her annoyingness due to being, like, 5 slide, BUT NOW
Danincredible Danincredible Sep 03, 2016
This is the first book written in fist POV I've read in three months
ThatBitchCalledKarma ThatBitchCalledKarma Nov 16, 2016
Guys chill. She's in her bitchy phase so chill. She's only eleven.
Astrijana Astrijana Dec 16, 2016
'She's in her bitchy phase' I thought they didn't come till like 15. And tbh I see no reason to defend them.
poeticdemon poeticdemon Sep 06, 2016
Someone give me the anti- acne - I need it for science reasons
poeticdemon poeticdemon Sep 06, 2016
Five minutes?! It takes me less than 1 minute to do my hair and its thick ad long