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The Nerd Is The Badass

The Nerd Is The Badass

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Samantha By hopelessdreamer9 Updated Mar 28, 2015

 You know that girl that sits in the front of the classroom with her oversized
sweatshirt and nerdy glasses? The one that seems to always know the answer and
has no friends in this overpopulated school? Yeah that girl is me. But I’m not
the girl you think I am. That oversized sweatshirt? It isn’t because I’m
insecure with myself. Nope. That sweatshirt hides the tattoos that grace both
my arms. Shocked right? I told you I wasn't who you thought I was. At school I will always appear as the nerd girl because that’s what everyone has thought of me since well, forever basically. So where did this tattooed girl come from? Good question. My sophomore year I had been dating this guy who
didn’t treat me right. So basically one night after I finally got rid of him, I
got fed up with being the goody two shoes nerd that was taken for granted and
decided to be someone else. It was time for a change, but the change I wanted I
knew my uptight yet barely existent parents wouldn’t like. So I decided on
creating two me’s. Yes, I know. Cliché much? But the truth was this was the
only way I could satisfy my need to become someone else while not giving my
parents a heart attack because I ruined their reputation. So one night, those two years ago, I put on clothes that the nerdy me would never wear and showed up at a tattoo parlor. That’s how I ended up with my skull and rose tattoo on my left arm. That night I also met my best friend Connor. Connor
was there actually getting another tattoo and although he’s a few years older
than me, him being his flamboyant self, instantly offered to be the shy girls
friend. I wasn’t shy for long though. Connor definitely brought out the rebel in me. I
told him my story, minus the guy I was with, and he was determined to help me
become the girl I’ve secretly always wanted to be. He even gave me the idea to
come up with another name for myself when I wasn’t at school. Hazel wasn’t my
alter ego, she was the real me finally being able to come out.

We all know someone is going to see you and it will be the worst person you never dreamt of running into.
I HATE PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! Like a mom who was helping did that and I was like we can't have the packet she made me go next to my friend and I was like you don't 'control me. My friend had to rap his arm around me so I didn't do anything I'd regret uh oo0s
LeosPrincessxx LeosPrincessxx Jun 27, 2016
Not really surprising... the title...
                              Jk lol 😂😂😂
I wear black jackets in the middle of summer too!!! I live in a town in Texas where it never snows and it barley rains. The last bad storm we had was a tornado in 1981.
percyjacksonfan1116 percyjacksonfan1116 Mar 30, 2016
actually, the boys KNOW not to mess with me. I can't actually hit them, I'm too much of a goody-two-shoes for that, but still, I take martial arts, so beware assholes and bitches in my school, get out the way!
nikki20047 nikki20047 Nov 08, 2016
This story has a powerful and meaningful Prologue I'm already in love with your book