Something Wicked

Something Wicked

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juppjupp By juppjupp Updated Sep 25, 2010

It's only once every 157 years that the Artemisian Star, a wondrous comet said to bring good luck, passes over the small town of White Oaks.

Louis Wickham, a troubled teen traumatized by the untimely death of his parents and younger sister, has lived in nigh-isolation, keeping mostly to himself, his uncle, and his two best friends, Alex Miller and Dinah Evans. But with the realization that he only has a few more weeks left in his high school life, a bit of urging from his best friends, and the good luck that the comet promises to bring, Louis decides to triumph over his personal tragedies and reconnect with the friends he once abandoned before the time comes to sing their graduation hymn.

Will he succeed, however, as a string of mysterious murders begin to transpire in the small town just after the comet passes? Murders that point to a close friend. Murders that stir memories Louis would rather forget. Murders that are far from the mundane...

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Watercolur Watercolur Dec 03, 2012
Beautiful beginningO__O It pulls you in and your writing flows very well!  The way you described Louis' feelings and surroundings really makes you feel what he's going through at that moment.  Very well done!
xbethyintherainx xbethyintherainx Jan 30, 2011
                              You're not lazy with description are you? Yussh, that's why its so good! 
                              I can feel what you're saying, and I can't wait to read more. 
                              Louis sounds like a wicked character. I'll eat him up . OMNONOMNOM.
SarahWesten SarahWesten Oct 17, 2010
Really good prologue. Pulled me in like crazy. is he a vampire or is he just a monster. The very beginning reminded me of inception a little bit (I love that crazy confusing movie) I love it. I will definitely read more. :D
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Sep 06, 2010
Nice. Good punchy start, enthralling as always Patrick. You have style old boy. Vote, next bit...
juppjupp juppjupp Jul 29, 2010
@viva_la_vidaxxx Thanks for reading and for those compliments haha. I'm really glad you're liking the story so far. Erm, I haven't really written the next part yet lol, but I'm getting to it :D
juppjupp juppjupp Jul 28, 2010
@ViolaRicardo Haha thank you. It really means a lot coming from a fellow author and one that I've also fanned. :D