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The street fighter and the gang leader

The street fighter and the gang leader

771K Reads 24.3K Votes 26 Part Story
Isabelle <3 By GrayGoddess Completed

Read The Life on the Other Side, it's the rewritten version of The street fighter and the gang leader. This book will be deleted soon. 

Audrey Winters isn't your typical nerd, she's a street fighter. She gets bullied at school and has to stop herself from putting them in the hospital. No one knows she's a street fighter until the new bad boy Cooper Ashworth comes into the picture. Cooper isn't what he seems either he's the new gang leader in town who likes to watch street fights. He finds himself slowly falling for Audrey but could his way of life put her in danger?

What happens when Cooper finds out Audrey's hobbies after school? Will he ever find out? Will Audrey reveal to everyone who she really is? Read and find out.

callme_addy callme_addy Jan 26
All are pretty.......*plays suspicious back ground music* dun dun dun
Carl-Da-Weirdo Carl-Da-Weirdo Dec 27, 2016
...Don't yell but I pictured her as the frisking devils daughter...
                              Blade: HOT!!!
                              ...oookkay then
^there's a guy at my school named that and my friend calls him . Hat
callme_addy callme_addy Jan 26
6'0...I know I'm tall for a girl but my body doesn't look skimpy for it...
I'm 15 5'8 but I'm 110 pounds and I'm called a giant and intimidating... idk how cause you can tell I'm weak and anyone could snap me in half lol
AriAriel07 AriAriel07 Jan 05
She said tiny. I never in my life ever thought about fighting a sentence that's says "I'm tiny, I'm 5'7"