The street fighter and the gang leader

The street fighter and the gang leader

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Isabelle <3 By GrayGoddess Completed

Wrote at like age 13 so read at your own risk 🙃

Audrey Winters isn't your typical nerd, she's a street fighter. She gets bullied at school and has to stop herself from putting them in the hospital. No one knows she's a street fighter until the new bad boy Cooper Ashworth comes into the picture. Cooper isn't what he seems either he's the new gang leader in town who likes to watch street fights. He finds himself slowly falling for Audrey but could his way of life put her in danger?

What happens when Cooper finds out Audrey's hobbies after school? Will he ever find out? Will Audrey reveal to everyone who she really is? Read and find out.

  • badguys
  • fighting
  • gangleader
  • gangs
  • love
  • streetfighter
Cooper reminds me of koopa cart (koopa-Troopa) from Mario kart. No offence tho to anyone named cooper
sss6161321 sss6161321 Nov 27, 2017
I’m like a public toilet 
                              No one wants me 
                              And if they use me they leave dirty and a mess
                              Plus I look like shite and everyone shites on me
sss6161321 sss6161321 Nov 27, 2017
Oh same,
                              That ring?
                              It’s under my eyes
                              Gucci gang bitches
                              I am a dark circle that makes no sense
Autumn_575 Autumn_575 Jan 23
Idk why but I read the last part as if he was physically picking her up not in a car
user43372750 user43372750 Dec 31, 2017
I doesn't matter what you look like on the outside but on the inside
Jenkc1505 Jenkc1505 Dec 02, 2017
There’s this guy in my class since year 5 and he is super tall like taller than most teachers