The Bad boy saved me

The Bad boy saved me

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Sophiaz123 By Sophiaz123 Updated Mar 23

Grace Daniels she's sweet, smart, country, and very sarcastic. She recently moved from Tennessee all the way to California to start a whole new life. Although she might come off as a care free and an easy going girl she has secrets. Dark and tragic secrets that haunt her every day of her life. 

Kyle King he's the bad boy. He's the badass, rude, arrogant, self conceited asshole with the bad attitude. He doesn't take shit from anyone. But under all of that Kyle might be hiding some secrets of his own.

What happens when the sweet girl with the broken past and the bad boy with the bad attitude meet? What happens when the bad boy takes an interest in the new girl from the south? You'll just have to read and find out.

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Sallygirl2004 Sallygirl2004 Jul 01, 2017
Well not the whole Tennessee to Calli. and I sorta relate because I get my eyes from my dad. And there blue tinted with green. And my hair is like a honey brown with blonde tips. All natural might I add. But I don't like showing off my body.
AndSheCriedInTheRain AndSheCriedInTheRain Oct 29, 2017
omg you sound so sweet already! hope we can be friends! lol I'm a loner so i can be pretty forward at times xxx
In the morning waking up in sweats and my hair is a great place to be a nest LoL 😂😂😁😉
goldstar09 goldstar09 Sep 24, 2016
Not trying to be rude or anything but you spelled decided wrong... Sorry if this comment annoys you