Every Moment || Daryl Dixon

Every Moment || Daryl Dixon

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BrowneyedPrincess05 By BrowneyedPrincess05 Updated Nov 03, 2016

Him. He was the reason I was still here, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to forgive him for that. I wanted to die my way. Not anybody else's.

"I am never going to forgive you for that," I spat out as tears started to sting the bottom of my eyes.

"Not like I care anyways," He replied without a tone in his gruff voice.

I actually thought he did it, because he cared.
Vada Grimes, oldest child of Rick and Lori Grimes, older sister of Carl Grimes, had been mourning over the 'death' of her father. Well, she'd call it death if he hadn't come riding into town.
She had gotten along with most of the group. Everybody in the group liked Vada --

Except for one. The one and only, Daryl Dixon.

He never gave a shit or cared about anything or anyone but himself. 

But did that all change?

Did it all change from the moment he had saved her?

Or the moment she had saved him?

Did they capture each other in an endless romance?

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Alphonse_Is_Bae Alphonse_Is_Bae Apr 20, 2016
It's just like in Forrest Gump when Jenny prayed that she could turn into a bird and fly far far away! Oh my gad!!😆
DylanPosey360 DylanPosey360 Feb 13, 2017
I guess Glenn is the pizza 🍕 man. He taught-y Cas(tiel) the way of the naughty😂😂😂😂
Alphonse_Is_Bae Alphonse_Is_Bae Apr 20, 2016
oBsEsSiVe___ oBsEsSiVe___ Jul 11, 2016
No can do, whori. :D
                              (Sorry not to be rude but I really hate her)
AdolescenteLoca AdolescenteLoca Apr 01, 2016
Didn't she already have one? I mean.. she can't think clearly, so I think she had a mental breakdown