Phan Oneshots

Phan Oneshots

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court knee By pIisetsky Updated Mar 28, 2016

Just a collection of phan one shots.

All 100% written by me, and which you should 100% read. 
(It's mostly angst I'm warning you)

Requests greatly welcomed.

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When you think of Crank That Frank instead of Melanie Martinez
*pulls aside* uhhhh. Philly, mon chou, that's not politically correct. Sorry, baby. Just correct yourself and all will be fine! *smiles ad for shoves*
Okay that's not even a Melanie reference it's a commonly used phrase y'all need to stop freaking out
My first dip into phanfiction.... it has literally taken me 5 months to even consider exploring this part of the phandom....
                              let's hope I survive....
phanndodie phanndodie Aug 18
lmao that's where my lame arse yells "could you guys like at least go to the bathroom lol I don't like people's breathing sounds"