Phan Oneshots

Phan Oneshots

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court knee By pIisetsky Updated Mar 28, 2016

Just a collection of phan one shots.

All 100% written by me, and which you should 100% read. 
(It's mostly angst I'm warning you)

Requests greatly welcomed.

that's not the only thing that's getting slammed into you tonight dan ;)
Yea yea I know ur havin fun and all but still...
                              lANGuage LESTER!
for all the dirty looks, the photographs your boyfriend took
XxMaixbaexX XxMaixbaexX Feb 05
Dat Mel reference (MEL IS QUEEN OMFG) *fangirls until death*
im internally begging for a part two but i dont want to pressure u
No the ceiling. Good god OF COURSE WITH PHIL! HES the one that literally ASKED you like 2 frickin' SECONDS AGO!
                              Good lord