The Youngest Mikaelson {A TVD FanFic}

The Youngest Mikaelson {A TVD FanFic}

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Madison Kennish By Madison_Kennish Updated Mar 24, 2016

Name: Roselle Mikaelson

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Siblings {Eldest To Youngest}

~ Freya Mikaelson {Deceased}

~ Finn Mikaelson {Daggered, But Alive}

~ Elijah Mikaelson {Undaggered, Alive}

~ Niklaus Mikaelson {Definitely Alive}

~ Kol Mikaelson {Undaggered, Alive}

~ Rebekah Mikaelson {Undaggered, Alive}

~ Henrik Mikaelson {Deceased}

~ Roselle Mikaelson {Herself; Undaggered, Alive, Stuck In A Comatose State}

Roselle's Face Claim: Shelley Hennig

Dez7245 Dez7245 Jul 19
OK so this song was just playing the song says just let me be your ticket home. I heard let me be your titty home LMAO
Dez7245 Dez7245 Jun 26
it's official I'm screaming IM DEZIREE GALAZ AND IM AWAKE when I wake up in the morning even though its 5 AM
This remind me of when Bellamy swan woke up in her vampire state.
Dez7245 Dez7245 Jul 19
I don't know how she can be daggerd with a braid I can't even sleep with a braid
Dez7245 Dez7245 Jul 19
I'm just gonna say finally someone who can get oldest to youngest right and also can spell the names right
ABernardnicole03 ABernardnicole03 Aug 25, 2016
I love how u said Definitely Alive for Klaus that made me laugh