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Bully!England x Victim!?!Reader

Bully!England x Victim!?!Reader

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Snarky Joker By MK_Joker Updated Nov 29, 2015

New girl (that is you, reader-chan) had transferred into Hetalia Academy because of her previous school. She then encounter the school bully and at the same time, the student council, Arthur Kirkland. Her life started to change after she met him. Making new friends, enemies and frenemies?? Facing hardship and learn something meaningful in life. You have been warned cause she's crazy and different xD

FelicianosWifey FelicianosWifey Sep 02, 2016
Okay so, I'm a grammar Nazi, but let me help with the "your, you're" thing. 
                              Your is like something you own. 
                              You're is "you are", so "You're so kawaii" would be it.
This made me feel so depressed because I'll soon separate from my sister and probably will see her very rarely. Even though we argue a lot I don't want to leave her. Why does it have to be like this? Can't we just stay like this until the end?
Funny how I act the same way towards my sister. Tsunderes'll always be tsunderes even if they aren't in love lol
Amy:*flick his head*No we going to Starbucks!
                              Brother:Oh right! 
The word twat always reminds me of ducks. Twat is so duck-like. Maybe it's about the voice they make or maybe ducks are just twats. Whatever it is, it's a mystery waiting to be solved
;-; me? Emotional? Hahah... ofc not. I just washed my face that's it