Rejected but Special

Rejected but Special

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Sully By Sully_Loves_Food Updated Dec 23, 2015

Hello! My names Lexi River, yes I know weird name but I like weird it makes me unique and I am unique. I'm a werewolf, but in my pack I'm practically treated like Sh*t on their shoes.
Why didn't you run away you ask? well let's just say that if you read my story you'll know then...

I was walking through the school corridors, getting beaten and called foul names you know the usual, when the most heavenly scent hit my nose, I was walking towards the scent when all of a sudden I'm getting pulled into a supply closet.

while getting pulled in I had shocks going up my entire arm 

'mate' screamed my wolf Kellie.

you want to know who my 'mate' is.

Its my one and only Alpha Jason

the one who started the bullying, 
the one who turned my own brother against me,
the one who finally broke me with those 10 words no mate would ever want to hear.

"I Alpha Jason reject you Lexi River as my mate"

and with those words,

I ran...

Irishgirl here, hope u like it. XD

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Your_nose_is_ugly Your_nose_is_ugly Jun 26, 2017
Ok???? Like throw a party woohoo you care. After you put her through 7 years of hell. You don't deserve to care so please go and jump out of an airplane into a floor with lava on it
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Aug 02, 2017
smile4ever1377 smile4ever1377 Aug 04, 2017
I honestly don't know why in books similar  to this, the people that abused the main character cry when the he or she leave. It's your fu*king fault bit*h, I should probably jump into the book and castrate your fu*king pathetic bodies before ripping out your intestines.
jennymax jennymax Aug 02, 2017
Yall sad cause she cook the best food and cleaned for yall now ya can't survive without her