Sakura Momochi Hatake (Childhood) || Naruto

Sakura Momochi Hatake (Childhood) || Naruto

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[3rd Place in Other/Mixed Media of Naruto Wattys]

This the childhood story of Sakura Momochi. When she was born and how she grew up with her biological family. Experiencing things a kid as young as her shouldn't.

How she became a Hatake and under Kakashi's care. The childhood she have with him. How she grew up with him and how he watch her grow up.

The love they grew towards each other blooms. It was once out of pity and responsibility,out of adore and thankful to love. Their bond grew unbreakable.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters. I only one the plot.

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Apolloscabin1999 Apolloscabin1999 Jun 08, 2016
how many years older is Kisame and how old is Sakura O.O     
vinylrider vinylrider Nov 02, 2015
Tbh- wouldn't it make more sense for Kisame to be the father, because Zabuza could have gotten all of the sharks traits from him cuz it seems a little weird for Kisame to just magically be blue when obviously Zabuza isn't and stuff.. *curiousity*
I don't know why but when I read this line I imagined kakashi sounding like a pirate xD
notavivable notavivable Feb 16, 2015
Ermahgerd Zabusa is her father and Kisame is her brother ! Imma gonna love this ❤️