A Peculiar Situation ( a Juuzou Suzuya X Reader fanfic)

A Peculiar Situation ( a Juuzou Suzuya X Reader fanfic)

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Bria By babysmooch6966 Updated Nov 21, 2016

You, are a ghoul. Living happily amongst humans and receiving food that you don't kill yourself is an easy life. Until you encounter a CCG investigator who's sure that you're a ghoul, even without solid evidence. What happens when you wake up to find that he's taken this investigation upon himself and has managed to steal you right out of your pretty okay life?

Juuzou Suzuya X Reader
Mostly fluff
Probably not any lemon or smut unless requested. You know the drill c:

A.n. Characters and art are not necessarily mine and belongs to their retrospective owners.

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weppingwilllo weppingwilllo Apr 01, 2017
I just gonna' put this out there, the breasts are one of the most senceitive parts of the female body. I believe that it would hurt a lot~
Jeoprdze Jeoprdze May 05, 2017
When I was reading that, my brother was watching tom n jerry when the mouse becomes a chicken on legs, I was like "Heck NO"
AkumuPrin AkumuPrin Dec 11, 2017
.......I was wrong.........you worship tzeentch damn you.......
SonioCuudo SonioCuudo Feb 24, 2018
Juuzou touched my breast... Uhhh juuzou are you a perv cuz you said the ones on my chest were yiur favorite... DID HE SEE ANYTHING ELSE IS HE PLANNING TO RAPE ME!
wateary wateary Jun 20, 2017
welp lets all say or last words before she has 50 dead corps for children
0pallo 0pallo Oct 16, 2017
that's because humans are literally just meat on legs.
                              to be honest legs or meat.
                              so we're technically just meat