Gentle Turbulence - Uchiha Madara Love Story

Gentle Turbulence - Uchiha Madara Love Story

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Uchiha Madara.

He was one person that every single person in the world feared, right? WRONG!! 

There was one person, a very ordinary person who absolutely loved to annoy him to no end! Hard headed, prideful, never backing down with a fight; our Jung Mi Ho was the one person you could count on to send him into shock with sassy and comedic back answers!

Of course, being Uchiha Madara, Mi Ho will obviously have difficulties handling him. Read on to see Madara as he deals with this loud mouthed and adamant girl that he surprisingly has a strange interest for! ;)

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My mind read that in the Greek way *rubs the back of my head* opps
kiari-chan kiari-chan Jan 31, 2016
-RU-Life- -RU-Life- Jul 31, 2016
Glad that my love for kpop now worth it (also Korean drama. Because my mom loves to watch it)
psychofreakBB psychofreakBB Nov 17, 2015
This is korean not japanese, and anime is is japanese... Tho it doesn't bother me and I don't know if u realised this xD so just telling donnt take offencive
KimChoiJaeEun KimChoiJaeEun Sep 30, 2015
This is all Korean.... I think you should change it Author-Chan
jiyeonsanime jiyeonsanime Aug 22, 2015
are u korean because i am korean too. i saw the words u wrote and knew it was korean