How To Lie

How To Lie

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{First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Summer 2016}
{First Place ~ @OuranWattys ~ Kyoya Division ~ Winter 2016}
{First Place ~ @OHSHCWattyAwards ~ Kyoya Division ~ 2015}
{Second Place ~ @OHSHCWattyAwards ~ Best Title ~ 2015}

A fire red haired girl. 
A past.
A deadly secret. 

When Antoinette Kage, a close friend of the Ootori and Suou Family, starts to attend Ouran, comes to the Host Club things get heated.

Tamaki and Kyoya have a fondness for the girl for different reasons. Clashes of their gain... love...

When  Antoinette is instructed to join the Host Club, she will have to cover her past, hide and tell secrets alike.

 Will she come clean or will they find out the hard way? Will everything be solved before her time runs out?
Top Placement In {OHSHC}: #04
In {Kyoya}: #01
In Watty Awards 2016 "What's Hot": #15

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Bloody_Nicole Bloody_Nicole Oct 20, 2017
We all are bombs of you put it that way. Our time is running out every minuet that passes.
DinoBreaRinoa DinoBreaRinoa Dec 29, 2017
No no I dont want to sing it my pareny are sleeping and its 1:37
arisub arisub Nov 27, 2017
everyone: no
                              me: mAYBE YOUR MY LOVE, AND I WOULD LIKE TO FIND-
Alixlunar_595 Alixlunar_595 Aug 14, 2017
(SCreamms 'No!!!' ) ( runs away still screaming no) " I saw what you did there author chan.... No!!!
TeacupOfWisdom TeacupOfWisdom Oct 21, 2017
Wait since when did Yuu-chan get into the Ootori family? And where's Mika?
Ban_FoxSin_Of_Greed Ban_FoxSin_Of_Greed Nov 14, 2017
It's just like that quote from TFIOS, (the fault in our stars) that I just can't remeber