mute : a.i

mute : a.i

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I never talk. There's a reason why. 

And no one,

Can change that.

At first glance Clara Johnson seems like your average high school student. She isn't. Behind her looks Clara is a mute, Selective Mutism. She was bullied by her ex best friend Aria. Clara is hopeless and thinks no one can make her speak again. One day Clara arrives at school only to hear that a new student will be attending her school. His name was Ashton Irwin. 

What happens when Clara has to do a speech on Selective Mutism. Will she over come her fears? Will she learn to trust people once again? Will Ashton help her? 

Find out in Mute. 

au Ashton Irwin Fanfiction

A/N: This was my first story. It is very cringe worthy lmao... My apologies.

I don't see the problem with not kissing someone before high school.
lmao they used the wrong form of your i'm crying i don't even know if that was done on purpose but i hope it was haha
Dude my names Clara but I have a friend named Allison I'm scared