Forced To Be His

Forced To Be His

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Forever&Always By NafisaAnjum Updated Mar 24, 2016

"You are going to marry Noah." my dad said.

This changed Naomi's life forever. Naomi is amiable, and loves stay busy with a book. Her parents are austere and hard to please and she tries to please them in any way possible. What will happen when her parents tell her to marry someone she doesn't even know?

Noah is always working. Doesn't care about anything, he is rich and gets anything he wants without saying it twice. He is cold-hearted, conceited, and mysterious.

What will happen when they live together? Can they endure each other?

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Woah this book is different... u have monitored ur words cleverly
AbbyWriter AbbyWriter Jun 05, 2015
Well. My friend told me that guys have their periods every six months. I don't know if its true doe.
feminist_cupcaxe feminist_cupcaxe Dec 23, 2014
This is very good. Update Nafi fi . I want to knw what happens.
                              P.S u r one nasty little girl;)
feminist_cupcaxe feminist_cupcaxe Dec 23, 2014
This book is soooooo good.
                              Like omg. Your vocab is on fleek though.
feminist_cupcaxe feminist_cupcaxe Dec 09, 2014
so how is it an arranged marriage Nafi fi
                               u know this is Memuna