Luke Hemmings BSM imagines

Luke Hemmings BSM imagines

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Lukespenguin223 By GeorgiaKayyy Updated Dec 31, 2014

Your pov: 

"Luke you're my brother,you're suppose to care about me!" I shouted on the verge of tears.

"Y/N you broke my guitar! How can I care about you when you did that!" He screamed pointing to his distroyed guitar.

"I said I was sorry" I shouted 

He rolled his eyes and walked upstairs

Ben walked in and gave me a hug.

Y/n you know he still loves you don't you? He didn't mean to shout at you, you know he cares about you" He spoke softly and I sobbed into his shoulder nodding my head.

After spending 2 hours cuddled up to Ben, Luke walked downstairs with puffy red eyes, it's obvious he had been crying.

"Y-y/n" Luke cried walking over to me and I looked away. Ben got up and walked into the kitchen.

"Baby girl, I'm so sorry for shouting at you. I didn't mean to make you cry, it's just a stupid guitar" He cried pulling me into his lap.

"No Luke, it's not a stupid guitar,that guitar means a lot to you!" I spoke louder

"No y/n you mean more to me than a guitar,I could buy a new o...

My brother would actually put me up for adoption, not even kidding.
Ryan-Brendon-Ross Ryan-Brendon-Ross Apr 24, 2016
Holy crap😂😂 I thought that said "She gave me a lap dance" instead of "She jumped off my lap" 😂😂😂