Tokyo Ghoul (one shots)

Tokyo Ghoul (one shots)

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ways to make it true By WeAreDarkAndDirty Updated Jun 02, 2016

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✎ one shots, head canons & more with the tg characters! 

✎ may contain some explicit sexual content!

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Vampire1773431 Vampire1773431 Jun 22, 2016
Uta x fem!reader lemon please prompt:they're best friends and it's prom. After prom,they go to a party and get super drunk
- - Jan 22, 2016
kaneki  and haise x reader.reader is a male and he is kaneki's bestfriend.he is a ghoul with kakuja same like kaneki's
TinyGatsby TinyGatsby Jan 15, 2016
Juzo x reader Lemon. They work late and well... Investigate stuff besides Ghouls. Reader is female
CorpseBoy CorpseBoy Nov 14, 2015
Can i request a part 2 to the Amon x ghoul!reader if that would be ok? I foind it interesting
pepp3roni pepp3roni Nov 01, 2015
Uta X Female Reader Lemon
                              prompt: reader-chan is uta's best friend for 7 years now, also a ghoul like him. one night she spends the night over at Uta's, what could possibly go wrong?
Adrxine Adrxine Jun 16, 2015
When you have time, would you please make a Amon x Reader Lemon? Just whenever you want to have it done!~ I can wait.