Can Thugs Love?

Can Thugs Love?

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Erica 'Tiny' Johnson is a 17 year old girl, in her senior year of high school, living with her drug addicted mother (Patrice Stevenson), who became addicted when Tiny's father (Tyler Johnson) who was a drug lord that ran the North and West of North Carolina was shot and killed 8 years ago. Tiny's father always wanted to to be a drug lord and take over his thrown but no one expected it to happen so soon. It's time for Tiny to grow up.

Carter 'Cannon' Wilson is a 22 year old thug, Who has grown cold-hearted to everyone, After he watched his whole family take a bullet to the head over money they owed a drug dealer named Killa. He wanted to return the punishment but someone else got to Killa before him. He still holds a grudge til this day... His motto: Fuck 'em, then fuck 'em (Get it?)... At one point Carter was just another dope boy but now he runs the South and East of North Carolina. Nothing happens in North Carolina without his say so. Carter is feared by everyone and wants to run ALL of NC, He'll kill everyone to get to his position.

When Carter and Erica meet what will happen? Will the two drug lords kill each other or will they actually... Fall in love

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